Accounting Applications

TKO's feature rich Accounting Applications gives you the P.O.W.E.R. to manage your business

TKO’s feature rich Accounting Applications gives you the P.O.W.E.R. to manage your business. All of TKO’s Accounting Applications transparently integrate with TKO’s Back Office and support a true Multi-Company environment. There is never a need to purge data, therefore data always remains accessible with drill down to original documents. TKO’s Quick Menu function allows the user to perform many different functions without leaving the primary task. The TKO Accounting Applications further solidifies a true fully integrated and enterprise wide solution.

Features of the Accounting Applications


The TKO Accounts Payable module allows you to maintain control over the costs of running your business. This package not only provides tools for tracking your bills, but also for realizing the maximum savings from vendor discounts and the prevention of duplicate invoice entries. Accounts Payable data is entered once and, if you are using TKO’s General Ledger amounts will be distributed.

Powerful features include:

  • Multi-company capability
  • User-defined aging periods
  • Multiple A/P and cash accounts
  • Default G/L accounts for all or each vendor
  • Aging by invoice or due date for each vendor
  • 1099 forms with option for printing of standard government forms, or creation of magnetic media file for reporting
  • Regular vouchers, pre-paid vouchers, correcting vouchers, and distribution adjustments
  • One-time vendor/voucher/check entry
  • Immediate check printing option in voucher entry screen
  • Manual Checks
  • Computer generated checks with auto payment selection of current, past due and/or optional vouchers
  • Long stubs printed on white paper
  • Reprint and void checks
  • Discarded checks entry
  • Automatic tracking of last check number used
  • Check reconciliation
  • Recurring vouchers
  • Detailed and summary aging reports
  • Detailed and summary cash requirements reports
  • Detailed and summary G/L distribution reports
  • History of paid-up items by vendor or voucher
  • Vendor purchases analysis report
  • Vendor Purchase Profile screen and report
  • Voucher and check registers
  • Void posted checks function reinstates vouchers
  • Transactions are automatically stamped with the operator name, date, and time, for segregated batch postings

The TKO Bank Reconciliation module provides companies with the ability to accurately track and balance all cash activity on a daily, if not up-to-the-minute, basis.

Bank Reconciliation contains a Transaction Entry function to accommodate both miscellaneous cash transactions that are not recorded in any of the other modules and transactions that affect cash in the absence of the other modules.

Transactions that originate in Bank Rec are automatically posted to General Ledger. Transactions that are integrated into Bank Rec from the other modules are posted directly to the Bank Rec master files with no need for an intermediary posting from a transaction file.
All transactions, deposits, reconciliations, transfers, void and stop payment actions, are kept indefinitely in history files for immediate access at any point in time. The inquiry screens also allow drill down to original source documents (and any of their supporting documents) in the other modules.

A ‘Summarize Cleared Transactions’ function allows users to periodically remove details from the main inquiry screen by automatically creating balance forward records from which the users may still drill down to original details.

Powerful features include:

  • Multi-company capability
  • Unlimited banks
  • Unlimited accounts per bank
  • Integrates transactions from Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll Processing and Staffing Personnel
  • Manual transaction entry for miscellaneous needs and/or in the absence of any of the other modules
  • Transaction types include: Cash Disbursements, Cash Receipts, Payroll Checks, Service Charges, Credit Adjustments to Books, Debit Adjustments to Books, Miscellaneous Deposits, Wire Transfer Fees, Credit Card Fees, Returned Check Fees, Stop Payment Fees, and Miscellaneous Bank Charges
  • Easy preparation of deposit slips
  • Easy reconciliation with complete audit trail and history
  • Comprehensive inquiry screen drills down to original transactions and all their supporting documents in their entirety, whether current or historical
  • Transfers between accounts
  • Void checks
  • Stop payments
  • Recurring transactions
  • Transaction registers by Origin, Bank Account, Transaction Number, Effective Date, and Transaction Type
  • Check Register
  • Missing & Duplicate Checks report
  • Undeposited Receipts report
  • History reports by Origin, Bank Account, Transaction Number, Effective Date, and Transaction Type
  • Withdrawals report
  • Deposits report
  • Reconciliation Registers (detailed and summary)
  • Summarize Cleared Transactions automatically combine transactions to eliminate detail clutter in reports and on screen while maintaining all details of all cleared transactions for drill-down inquiries

The TKO General Ledger module allows you to organize all your financial data to provide you with a comprehensive picture of your company’s fiscal position. This powerful package allows your comptroller or accountant to view the different aspects of your business from any perspective by organizing your data into customized Financial Statements. With such information, critical decisions may be made on a timely basis to ensure your company’s growth.

Powerful features include:

  • Multi-company capability
    Consolidation of up to 30 subsidiary companies with same or different chart(s) of accounts
  • 3-year active fiscal calendar allows entry of data into periods of the past, current and next year
  • Pass worded feature to lock out entry of transactions into closed periods
  • Unlimited years of data on-line for inquiries and reports
  • Up to 13 periods in each fiscal year calendar
  • Entries may be posted without closing prior period
  • Flexible, user-defined account code format with up to 10 alphanumeric characters
  • Account codes can support divisional and departmental accounting
  • Each account may be designated to total automatically into a “control account”
  • Journal entries with reference and document number fields for each debit/credit
  • Batch control of all posting assures that debits and credits always balance
  • All postings produce journals for hard copy audit trails
  • Inquiry screen allows access to all information regarding individual accounts and the postings to them, all the way back to original transactions and all their supporting documents in their complete and original format, whether current or historical
  • Control Account Zoom allows operators to call up a control account in the inquiry screen, see a window listing all its sub-accounts, and select the desired one for further inquiry
  • Budgets for each period for each account automatically generated from prior year data, or user-specified budgets automatically distributed by number of periods or number of days in each period
  • Budget Variance Report
  • Chart of Accounts and financial statement formats may be copied from one company to another
  • Trial Balance Worksheet
  • General Journal provides easy entry of auto-reversing transactions
  • On-line detailed transaction history with continuous register
  • Provisional close-out functions for trial closing entries
  • Automatic calculation and posting of retained earnings at year end
  • Transactions are automatically stamped with the operator name, date, and time, for segregated batch postings
  • Management information is provided by on-line account inquiries, and standard financial reports (i.e. Trial Balance and General Ledger Report)

The TKO Payroll Processing module does everything you need to calculate and automatically print your employees’ payroll checks and W2’s. Driven by a table system, all types of deductions are handled, from loans, to taxes, to benefit programs, and so on. Also produced with this package are the government required Workers’ Compensation and Quarterly Payroll reports. You can track the different categories of pay, such as administrative, executive, shop labor, etc. If you are using the General Ledger system, all checks with all their distributions are automatically posted to your general ledger books.

Powerful features include:

  • Multi-company capability
  • Check Reconciliation
  • Check Register
  • Void posted checks
  • Quick Net Check calculation for exact calculation of taxes and deductions
  • Option to produce magnetic media file for W-2 reporting
  • Supports both W2 and 1099 Payees
  • Accommodates both salaried and hourly personnel, offering a virtually unlimited number of taxes and miscellaneous deductions along with variable pay periods
  • The Employee File maintains detailed information on each employee, including personal data, as well as withholding and deduction particulars
  • A General Ledger Accounts File is used not only for ease of entry and accuracy when integrating with General Ledger, but also to provide an accounting breakdown of payroll activity when the Payroll Processing module is used as a stand-alone package
  • Time Cards may be entered manually, or may be generated automatically according to criteria in the employee records. These time cards may then be edited to reflect deviations from the normal schedule. After the correctness of the time sheets has been verified by an operator, checks are automatically calculated and a pre-check writing report is generated. Changes may still be made before the checks are actually printed. Each check stub includes a summary of hours, earnings, and withholdings.
  • Employee Payroll Recap Report
  • Employee Payroll History Report
  • Extended earnings, deductions and tax reports
  • Detail and summary G/L distribution reports
  • Required government reports like the Workers’ Compensation Report, and Quarterly Payroll Reports are provided

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