About TKO Systems

Specializing in providing automated software solutions to the staffing industry

About Us

TKO Systems, headquartered in Holbrook, NY specializes in providing automated software solutions to the staffing industry for over three decades.

Our Front & Back office are seamlessly integrated; no redundant entry necessary.  With full ACA and PTO tracking components included, there is no need to incur a third party expense.  All applications are supported 24/7 by knowledgeable and courteous staff.

TKO provides exceptional web portal applications from paperless onboarding, an array of time acquisition products as well as real time access for workforce and Clients – a real value-add to staffing company owners.

Our software solutions provide for easy connectivity through the use of thin client and web browser technologies using onsite or virtual servers. Special needs are our strong suit as TKO’s professional staff can customize any application or add specialized components which enables our Clients to maintain a unique competitive advantage.


In the late 1970’s, a new era of computers had arrived. These new “MINICOMPUTERS” with their comparatively low cost and respectable processing power, allowed the small business owner to migrate day-to-day redundant tasks to an automated platform. Unfortunately, software packages for these systems were few and far between and many times applications would need to be designed and written from scratch. So it was with the beginnings of the TKO product. Gary Miller, a systems analyst and programmer was recruited by a large New York City staffing firm, to develop a platform for day to day operations on a new era of minicomputer called the DEC PDP11.

After years of development the owner of the staffing firm sold his company and decided to join with Miller and offer this software solution to his former competitors. 15 systems were sold in one afternoon and the dawn of the automation of the staffing industry began.

In 1989 a large software development company, realizing the potential in the staffing industry, joined forces with Miller and provided a tremendous resource pool of capital and personnel, to take the success achieved regionally to a national level.

The rest as we say is “HISTORY”